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Hey guys, so this video is going to be a little bit different today. After seeing James Turner video about The Tenants I decided to buy it myself, spent four hours playing it because I slept poorly and it was hard to work, and decided, what the heck, I’m going to review it.

I have not been paid and this game was not provided by the developers. I bought it for 10% on Steam while it is still in early access. That said, even though the game is in early access, it’s actually super polished. So far, I have not completed the game. In fact, I’ve barely clocked four hours on it, but I did buy it today when I couldn’t focus on what I was writing so, uh, that should probably tell you something.

This is a first impressions only review of the game because that is still the phase of the game where I am at. I am of course going to play it more for research. I do also want to say that this video contains mild spoilers for the campaign mode of the game.  

0:42 What kind of game is this

The Tenants is a mix between The Sims, a time management game and a tycoon game. It doesn’t seem to have some of the more complicated elements of tycoon games but that might just be because I haven’t cleared it yet. It’s also a relaxing decoration game at times, with tangible objects that can help your landlord level up, get more jobs and unlock certain objects.

1:05 The Tenants: Narrative background

When you first boot up the game, you are only going to be able to choose your avatar and your name. Your backstory is provided for you. You are a scummy landlord that comes from family wealth and your uncle is going to help you build a landlord empire.  You can earn your scummy money by renting out your property to tenants and helping renovate buildings.

1:24 Style and ease of gameplay

The style of the game is super cute. The polygon characters are adorable and the fact that things do not snap into place, the way they do in the sims, is really refreshing. The layout is easy to navigate and look, I’m not really a proper game but I know when a game is easy to play. The tutorial speaks for itself and almost everything is a clickable button which can you save you a ton of time when you are trying to quickly complete a renovation job.

Off the top of my head here, I really want to commend the devs for the way they designed the characters. Each character has a job, backstory, debt amount, criminal background and even lifestyle. They make them seem very real, especially when they get angry at you, which makes the game that much more fun.   

1:58  Types of gameplay

2:00 Renovating: The bulk of your time, when you start, is going to be taken up with building and renovating. You are using that money to buy and renovate more properties which you will eventually be leasing out to other tenants. You want to complete these jobs because they help you get reviews and they allow you to have more money. You want cash flow so that you don’t get into debt and you can expand. These are fairly self-explanatory but pretty fun. I do recommend that you click on the type of wall or flooring your client requires because sometimes purple is red enough.

2:32 Leasing: Leasing is one of the most important part of your jobs but honestly you don’t seem to do it that often. You have to open an apartment, have an open house and decide who you want your tenants to be. You can actually do this for other landlords as an agent and it will help strengthen your reputation.


Tenants: You will have to negotiate with tenants to make sure that they pay you on time and to keep them happy. All tenants expect their apartments to have working electricity and water. You can send your uncle in to deal with the problems or you can hire a pro. A pro is more expensive but guaranteed. You can also make your tenants just deal with it, which can affect their happiness. This might worth it if you are a tenant hater.


Randomness and consequences: There are also some random events where your tenants seem to ask you for advice. I’ve had one tenant frequently ask me what he should do on his dates which is a little weird but he seems lonely so I guess that’s okay. Being successful in these choices can improve your relationships and I think being unsuccessful can make it worse, though I have yet to experience that. Ignoring your tenants will make them really mad and your reputation might take a hit along with your relationship with the.


Bottom line: would I recommend The Tenants?

I would 100% recommend the tenants. If you are into time management systems, like building in the sims but aren’t that good at it and love tycoon games, this game is catered specifically to you. I find that it’s very relaxing while not getting boring and I do wish it was a little bit more challenging but I feel like that is going to naturally happen over time as I get more deeply into the game. The fact that the game is in early access might make some people hesitate but I didn’t experience any bugs. I would really like to see some quality of life improvements, namely an action queue. It’s really annoying to have your guy clean everything slowly, one by one, without being able to queue up the next cleaning action. The other thing I would like is a copying tool, because it’s annoying to have to find matching cabinets every time that you are building a kitchen. Aside from that, I have a feeling I’m going to spend many, many hours on this game. I’ll let you know if it’s ever as much time as I spend on the sims (lol probably not.)

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