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Hey guys, so today we are going to be talking about toddlers. Now toddlers can be pretty tricky in The Sims 4 and they are definitely the most challenging part of gameplay for a lot of legacy players. They are particularly hard if you are doing a 100-baby-challenge, so these are some tips that I think are going to really change your gameplay with toddlers.    


  1. Why you want to get top-notch toddler

Talk about getting a good start in life. Happy toddler gives your sim a little boost in every skill that they gain in adulthood, but getting top notch toddlers give your toddlers a 25% career and skill gain for every single career for the rest of their lives. That does mean that your sims are going to skill up faster and get better grades more quickly. You can get top notch toddler by getting to level 5 on communication, imagination, movement and thinking. Potty doesn’t really matter that much but for the completionist among us, you can definitely also do this.


  • What traits do

A toddler sim only has one of five different traits. I’m going to break down what each one is good for, though they all have their drawbacks. Let’s start with independent. Independent is great for toddlers that want to build skills on their own, as it seems to provide them with a little boost to solo-skill building. They also can go potty by themselves which is great! Angelic sims skill up communication a little more quickly but tend to be more gloomy, because they are sensitive. Charmer toddlers earn communication faster and can introduce themselves to strangers. Clingy toddlers seem to enjoy an even larger extra boost when they are engaged with by older toddlers and they seem to suffer from a bit more separation anxiety. Fussy sims might be the most challenge, they require a bit more attention and love to make a bit of a mess. They are a little like clingy toddlers in the sense that they require constant attention and you will end up skilling them up like that anyway. Inquisitive sims will learn thinking a little faster but they’ll be sad if they haven’t learned anything in a while. Silly sims gain imagination skill quicker than other toddlers because they become playful more often and wild sims earn movement faster. You can click on them to have them take their clothes off, which will energize them, and they can run around like that, earning extra movement skill.


  • What you need for a toddler

To make your gameplay easier, you are going to want to buy a toddler bed, a doll house and ideally one of those toddler slides that comes with the toddler stuff pack. If you don’t have it, don’t fret, your toddler can learn movement by dancing or wondering around, though it won’t be quite as quick. You don’t need to buy a box of toys if you have friends or family in the neighborhood. Just wait for the mail to arrive and your sims’ family will have sent your sim’s child toys and little trinkets to play with.  


  • How to make sure your toddler never gets taken away

The baker’s cousin display tray can help your toddler sim grab food without you having to worry about spoiling it, but make sure your toddler is located close to the kitchen. If you have a two story house, consider keeping them on the first floor.. Without much movement skill, they are slow, and if you don’t realize what is happening quickly, they might get taken away. Another way to ensure that they don’t get taken away is to stick some fruit or even vegetables into their inventory. When they get hungry, you can go into their inventory, click it, and make them eat it. Yum, raw onion. This will give them a positive moodlet and stave off the social worker until you can feed them a proper meal.

You absolutely do not need the highchair. It will make it way harder to feed your child and it will actually add hours of chores to your sim’s day. Your toddler should eat from the counter or the ground if you need them to grab their own food. Your toddler will not ask your sim for food if they do not have a highchair  so keep an eye on their motives or make sure the parent sim has some parenthood skill so that they check in on their toddler. This will allow the parent sim to give the toddler a sippy cup which will help fill their hunger motive.    


  • How to structure your skilling

Obviously to skill up your toddler you need to pay attention to their needs, but the first thing that you want to skill up is their thinking skill. Toddlers with higher thinking skill tend to throw less tantrums which makes this absolutely essential when you are trying to get them to skill up things with their parents.  You should have your adult sims teach your toddler sims this skill, but they can also learn by watching other sims in the family, ideally sims doing something static like doing homework or watching television. Having your toddler watch other people do things actually increases the thinking skill considerably. Playing in a bookshelf will increase your toddlers’ thinking and fun.

Note here that there are many ways in which you can combine skill building, though they aren’t necessarily as quick as learning with a parent. To have a toddler skill up movement and thinking at the same time, click on the “what’s that” interaction that pops up on many objects around their house and send them on a small scavenger hunt. Every time they take some steps, they’ll work on leveling up their movement skills, and what’s that will help them with their thinking skill.

Now you should be using moodlets to make sure you can maximize your sims’ skill gain here. The imagination skill can be worked on when your toddler is playful, en ergized helps with movement (have your sim become playful from social interactions then have a teenager play with them to maximize this effect). You can make your toddler playful with bubble baths or with playing in the ball pit. The ball pit is good because toddlers will autonomously go to it to play with it.

Make sure your toddler stays happy because that will help with skilling everything else, and it provides a base for all the other skills, too.


  • Sleeping through the night

To make sure that your toddler doesn’t get up in the middle of the night, put them to bed. I know it might be a bit of an annoying part of your routine, but reading your toddler to sleep while they are in bed will skill your adult sim’s parenthood skill, it will help with your toddler’s sims imagination and your toddler won’t wake up in the middle of the night from a nightmare. It also fulfills their attention need for a long time, so make sure your sim reads a bed time story to their toddler every night. It will ensure your sim has an interrupted night of sleep.


  • How to skill but in literally a minute

To summarize, outside of the potty skill, the wabbit tablet will help your toddler sim skill everything a little more slowly than with other sims. Thinking can be built with the blocks, by watching other sims, with flash cards or by clicking on objects and choosing the ‘what’s that’ interaction. For movement skills, your sims can wander around, dance along with the stereo, be taught to dance, play with older sims, use any of the toddler packs play objects or simply walk around the house and play in counters. For communication, you can have your toddler sim be taught by an older sim through flash cards, they can babble at adults or other toddlers and they can use the big plushy characters. Differently skilled toddlers, with different traits, will have different interactions available to them. For imagination, your sim can have books read to them in bed, you can use the other sims to read your sims books out of bed, your sim can play with the doll house—ideal with another child or adult—and your sim can also watch television. Your sim can learn potty by themselves if they are independent, or by watching another sim go potty, which is totally ideal if you have twins or triplets. Your sim cannot do this unless they are independent or already have some of the potty skill fulfilled.



Skills are only a small part of this whole thing and since they are easily covered with the little things above, which make your life easier, you should start building character traits. START HERE 6:56:02 Now this is only going to be applicable to those who own parenthood and if you like generational play, I’m going to heavily recommend that you get this pack. It makes a huge difference when it comes to both story building and game enjoyment.

If you don’t know what character traits it, they are basically traits that can be passed to your child when they become a young adult, and they affect certain bonuses that they get.

You should always correct your sim when they do something wrong. Allow toddlers to make a mess on the ground for a little bit, because it helps their imagination skill and it makes them playful, but make sure to course correct. If your toddler sim has a meltdown, make sure to correct that, too. Doing this in toddlerhood will allow you to build better character traits when they get older and it will be easier to have all the options available to your adult sim because their parenting skill will be high enough to know what the result of your decisions will be when a menu pops up. Make sure you think carefully about the kind of parenthood approach you want to take as this can affect your relationship with your child in the long-term though that is not necessarily a bad thing. Just keep that in mind.

You don’t have to wait for sims to misbehave before you start working on parenting skill. Use the parenting menu to teach   your sim to say thank you or sorry to help with their conflict resolution trait. When your toddler puts away toys, their responsibility creeps up ever so slightly, and you might even be able to praise them.


  • You can make multiples work for you

When you have twins or triplets, it is even more important to have something close to an assembly line when it comes to their development. So make sure to cook 8 portions meal and put them in the baker’s fridge so that they do not get taken away. This is the  one motive you always need to be on the lookout for. Toddlers will not autonomously eat something in their inventory and you must direct them to eat unless your sim asks them if they need something.

You can help your multiples skill up by babbling and talking to each other. They can also play dolls with each other, which will help them with their imagination skill. Dancing and having other sims dance with your toddler will help movement and will build relationships between those sims. Your toddler can watch other toddlers go potty and that will help them go potty too. If you have a single parent household, make sure you schedule your toddler sim to skill otherwise while your adult sim is taking care of their toddler.

9:00 Do es this work?

While I was preparing this video, I was also playing with one of my sims’ toddlers to test everything that I was doing. She was never taken away, but she did not get the top notch toddler bonus. Her parents were too attentive and kept asking her what she needed to do over and over again which disrupted my intense skilling up sessions. She was never taken away and she got the happy toddler bonus trait, so I guess it can work, if you do it better than I did.    

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