The Sims 4: Super Sim Challenge Rules

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MAIN Goal: Max Out All Of Your Sims Skills

Stretch Goal: Do All Aspirations

Stretch Goal #2: Gain All Traits

Stretch Goal #3: Max Out All Careers


Have you always wanted to have a super sim? Your Sim’s parents wanted your sim to make them proud, but they never came through. I get it. In The Sims 4, one of the best ways to keep it interesting for a singular Sim is by doing the super sim challenge. You can also do a Super Sim legacy, which basically means doing the same thing with your Sim’s child, however, this is quite difficult. But if you are ready for it, go for it.

Here is how to The Sims 4: Super Sim Challenge in 2021.

One important thing: You can create a Young Adult Sim to start this challenge but I highly recommend that you do this with a legacy family or one of your most played families, both because it’s really fun and because you really want those bonuses that your sim can get as a child and as a toddler.

Unbreakable rules:

  • Your sim must not be borne from vampires or spellcasters and your sim must not be created as a spellcaster or vampire. You can, eventually, turn into one of these supernatural sims, but it is highly recommended that you do not do so until you are nearing the end of your challenge. Your Sim can be a mermaid from the start.
  • Your Sim cannot be immortal. You cannot use any ways to make your Sim immortal.
  • This means… you absolutely have to keep aging on. Long to make it a little easier, normal for an extra challenge.
  • You can buy any potions or rewards from the reward store. In fact, you’ll find yourself buying the potion of youth more often than you think.
  • If you have university, your Sim must complete at least ONE degree before they die.
  • You can change aspirations whenever you want.
  • You can change lot traits only twice while your sim lives there. You *must* move to a new lot if you want to change the lot traits.
  • You can sell whatever you want from your inventory to make money. You can also make money in any traditional way. Your Sim does not need to be employed in anything in particular.
  • You *can* live in a tiny lot, but only if your super sim lives with at least one other Sim at the time.
  • If you have parenthood, your Sim *must* complete at least one aspiration as a child and all of scouts
  • No motive cheats allowed but your Sims can look however you want them to. You can also use any building cheats.
  • If you have parenthood, your Sim must have at least one of the positive parenthood traits.


Your Sim can mentor or be mentored.

Your Sim can take classes at university, even if they are not studying for a degree.

You may take potions to help with needs and moods.

You may NOT start with any of the supernatural Sim aspirations, but you can start skilling up skills that might be useful (For instance, vampire lore without being a vampire.)

You can have a Super Sim legacy, but I recommend doing this only with one of your Sim’s Children. Otherwise it might get too hard.

You do not have to be famous, but you can work toward getting 5-star fame. I think you have to do that anyway with one of the aspirations.

You should try your best to stay in the same save game. Try not transferring your Sim out to a new game file, unless your game becomes truly unplayable. The reasons for that is both the in-game achievements you get and the drama you are going to experience.

Drop your story in the comments and I’ll go check it out!

I’m working on a scoring system which will come soon.

If you are finding it too difficult, some tips and tricks can be found over at Carl’s The Sims 4 Guide and Satellite Mind.

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