Here Are The 5 Best Medical Romance Books Ever

Last year, medical romance books exploded. The market couldn’t get enough of them. And really, who can blame readers? With the year we had, the importance of doctors became that much clearer to everyone. We stayed home in our jammies and decided to read all about our medical heroes… okay, well, maybe just me.

I admit, I got a bit obsessed. I watched The Resident, The Good Doctor, even ER. (You know, the Clooney seasons). And I realized… oh, I need to find the perfect medical romance. I shouldn’t have worried too much, because this list was the perfect start. After I was done with Clooney, of course.

(Hey, a little disclosure: If you buy any of these books from here, I’ll get to put some pennies back into my book fund.)

In my quest to find the perfect medical romance books, here are the ones I came up with:


I’m going to start with my most recently read book of 2021. Unfortunately, this one isn’t on Kindle Unlimited, but it’s still worth getting into if you like cute premises with angsty drama. This is a soapy-level book with soapy level heartwarming scenes and conclusions. I love how naturally their story develops. This one is the perfect comfort read–something I desperately needed after 2020! I really liked The Child Who Changed Them by Tara Taylor Quinn. 

This is the series that got me into medical romance books in earnest. I don’t really like bullies that much, so I was a bit hesitant to read this one but it was super cute and I’m really glad I read it. A little angsty but just the perfect thing to keep me nice and warm during the quarantine. Dr. Bully and The Secret Baby was really cute! 

Okay, this book is violent. Like really violent. It’s a huge departure from my usual cute, feel-good books, but honestly, I really liked it. I wasn’t sure about giving it a chance and I’m glad I did. I know many people found it too dark, but personally, I really enjoyed it. I recommend it if you are in the mood for something a little bit twisted.

This book mixed two of my fave things ever: medical romance and time travel. That made it, in my book (see what I did there?) absolutely smashing. I don’t need science. I need wish-fulfillment romancey magic and Trapped in Time most certainly provided that for me. I think I read it all in one sitting. I really loved it–from the way she goes back in time, to the person she befriends there, this is sugar for the soul. And personally, my soul needs all the sugar it can get.

I love a good rom-com. And honestly, it’s hard to find a well-written one. This book most definitely fills that niche. It’s an extremely well-written book with a fantastic voice. When I found out this was a debut novel, it was hard for me to believe! I was so pleasantly surprised with this one, which I picked up on a whim. The meet-cute was so out of the ordinary and the supporting cast was absolutely interesting and lovely to read about. Ashton is someone to watch out for sure.

These are my fave medical romance books I have read lately, but these are simply the newest ones in my kindle library. What about you? What are you reading? I’m open to recommendations and I’m always excited to find more books to read, especially when they have to do with sexy doctors.

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